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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Mother's day is fast approaching, have you bought your mum something yet? or...are you going to leave it till the very last minuet like you do every year....what a way to make your mum feel special eh?, its not as if you didn't know mother's day was coming up, it happens every March #classonglass #mothersday #specialmum #mothersdaygifts #lovemum

Mother's day is that one day a year that you get to show your mum how much you appreciate them. Now I'm not saying you shouldn't appreciate your mum every day....after all they have probably looked after you your whole life. What I'm saying is that Mother's day is especially for them and you should do or give them something to show them that you appreciate them for all they have done, continue to do and all they are.

On Mother's day every year I not only give to my mum but I also receive gifts as I am a mum to three wonderful children. I especially like mothers day when its a hand made gift that my children has made themselves. To me that means they put more thought into it and are making something only for me.

As we get older, making things for our mum's on Mothers day quickly gets replaced with dinner out or vouchers for your favorite shop. These are greatly received and I do love going out for dinner, in fact eating is a specialty of mine....love my food ... ......but to me nothing beats a hand made gift.

Now I know what your thinking "I am not making my mum a hand made card at the age I am" I'm not talking about the card, I think if I were to make a card for my mum at the grand old age of thirty nine she may think I'v lost the plot or that I'm that skint and I cant afford to buy her a card.

No....... what I'm talking about is the gift. Any one can go into a shop and buy a mass produced gift that a million other mum's will have, Its the thought that counts people always say......well put some thought into it!!!!!! I bet many of your mum's still have the odd little thing you made them when you were a child.....why didn't they chuck it out eventually?........because it means something.

Maybe you or your mum have never bothered with Mother's day, that's fine....It doesn't need to be Mother's day, birthday or even Christmas. There does not need to be any occasion at all to buy someone a gift, it can just simply mean....I love you.....I'm thinking of you.......or no reason at all.

Now I'm not expecting you to make something, if you can then that's great but there are plenty small businesses out there that do this kind of thing for a living....True it might not be hand made by your self but you placed the order, told them what you wanted and had it especially made just for your mum.

People think ordering gifts hand made takes time and effort that's why so many people just pop to the shops out of convenience and grab the first thing they see. Ordering something handmade is as simple as nipping to the shops if not easier, you can order many things on line this includes hand made, in fact there is a whole website specifically for all things hand made, its called Etsy.

There you can find all things hand made from makers all around the world. As a customer they will give you personal attention and will always answer your messages, they will be happy to discuss anything about the gift before you buy and they aim to please. These are just normal people trying to make a living and they are committed to make sure the customer is happy.

Did you know that every time you buy from someone on Etsy that they are doing a little happy dance every time they make a sale....now you don't get that with the high street shops. ......How do I know this?....I have an Etsy shop too as well as my website, and whenever I make a sale my phone makes a kaching sound like money, as does all the phones of many Etsy sellers and I too do a happy dance. So please consider next time your wanting a special gift to give Etsy a try and support these small businesses that do everything in their power to make the customer happy.

Now what does your mum mean to you? Is she worth going that extra mile for? If your mum is anything like mine then the answer is a great big YES!!!!. I'd be totally lost without my mum, not only is she a great mum who has been there anytime I'v needed her but she is also my friend. My mum's the kind of person that would drop everything and come to my rescue if needed, she would go without, just so my sister and I wouldn't. Not to mention she's as tough as old boots, she has went through some tough times during her life and still not cracked....that woman is my hero. She is a bit of a worrier though and has passed that down to me, that and migraines....cheers mum.

Yip I worry about things that have not happened yet, that could happen and might not ever happen, I'm a worst case scenario kinda gal. I suppose when the worst case scenario doesn't happen then that's a bonus but if it did then you can rest a sure I am prepared.

I also love being a mum, though sometimes it does scare me to think I'm actually in charge of three other humans. I have three amazing children who all have three different personalities and there is a seven year age gap between each child......One is learning to drive while the youngest is still in nursery....crazy right?....wrong!!!...the eldest can baby sit the other two....see there there is method in my madness.

I love family time either having days out or watching a family movie together. As long as there are no fall outs, family time is the best time.

Here is a picture of my sister with her two girls, my nieces. I am very close to my sister and have been in my nieces lives from day one, I treat them like my own and also give them into trouble if needed, my sister is the same with my children. They really need to bring out an Auntie's day as well really don't they.

After reading this blog and you decide you like the sound of buying hand made this year then please have a look around my shop. Each glass is hand engraved by my self using a rotary machine and diamond burs, I engrave each one as the order comes in so you can be rest assured I am making that glass especially for you. If you don't see a glass you like then that's no problem, just drop me a message and we can discuss what it is you are looking for and we can design one together making it that little bit more special.

My eldest son was born with only half a heart the condition is called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. With every glass I sell, I donate two pound to a heart charity who help support families with children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and other congenital heart defects.

So you are not only buying a glass with a special meaning to yourself or the person you are buying for but you are also helping towards a great cause.

just to say thank you for stopping buy please claim your 155 OFF voucher to use on anything in my shop......Shopping made simple.

"Everyone has a favorite glass they like to drink from, so why not make it the one you bought them"

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