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Are you struggling for time, always busy chasing you tail and there simply are not enough hours in the day for you and you have still to go and find that birthday gift, but just have not got round to it yet? If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place.

I'm here to help. Have you ever thought of buying whoever you are looking for an engraved glass? No?......Well let me tell you why you should.

People like to receive gifts that they can tell straight away means something to them and that the person that bought them it has put some degree of thought into it. Much better than the usual bottle of wine or chocolates that you can pop in to just about anywhere and purchase, no thought apart from "oh they like wine"

How about they receive a lovely hand engraved glass with a design on it that means something to them, and to make it even more has their name on it!!!!!!!! A lot of us make buying birthday presents far too complicated and stress far too much about it, or you leave it till last minuet and buy something just for the sake of buying.


Think about it for a second if it was you'r birthday, now I don't care how old you are, everybody has a least a little bit of excitement on this day. Your friends pop round for a cuppa or a glass of wine to celebrate your birthday and you get near enough the same gifts you got last!!!!!!

How about you yourself were gifted a lovely hand engraved glass, lets say your a gin drinker that loves unicorns....everybody loves unicorns. You open up your gift and their in your hands is a lovely gin balloon glass, with a hand engraved unicorn on one side and your name or short message on the other, now tell me that wouldn't make you think ...WOW!!! this person has actually put thought behind this, not only have they bought you a gin glass which you will actually make use of for years to come, they have personalised it with you'r name and there is also a unicorn on it which you love......


Glasses are a great gift because they can be used again and again and again, for many years to come. They really are the perfect birthday gift which will fill anyone with joy when you see them using the glass that you bought them. Wine and chocolates are a lovely gift but once they are finished, that it, they are gone, but i can guarantee you that the glass you gift to some one, well they will think of you every single time they use it, and and they will remember that you took the time to have that glass made especially for them.

My shop is full of different styles of glasses, I have wine, gin, pint, whiskey, cocktail and champagne flutes. There are also many many designs.

"what if i don't see a design i like?"

Don't worry I have you covered, if you have had a look around my shop and can'

t see anything that would suit for the person you are buying for....or yourself of course. Then all you need to do is drop me a little message from my web site and we can discuss what your after. I absolutely love doing new designs and love making my customers happy.

hand engraved whisky glass, perfect birthday gift for any whisky drinker

Its time to get the ball rolling......head over to my shop and just to say thank you for stopping by go ahead and claim you 15% off voucher now.

"Everyone has a favorite glass they like to drink from, so why not make it the one you bought them"

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