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Updated: Jan 15, 2019

They say love makes the world go round, Love its self can be a tricky business especially when it comes to showing that person how much you love them in the gifts we buy. Just remember the meaning behind it is far better than the price tag. #love #valentinesgift #truelove #meaningfulgift #personalised #classonglass

Valentines day is not the only day you can treat someone you love, A token of love does not have to be an expensive gift, it can be as little as leaving a hand held note telling them how much they mean to you and leaving it in a place that only they will find, these little things can mean the world to a loved one.

When it comes to special occasions like birthdays, anniversary, valentines day there is just so much choice out there it gives me a headache just thinking about it, but I'v also noticed there is so much tat and cheap things that for me personally I would not like to receive..... Why? ....because it means nothing.

I would much prefer to be gifted a small simple meaningful gift that actually meant something to me than have a big extravagant gift that I probably would never use and is a complete wast of time. People are getting lost in the meaning of giving, they think bigger is better.......well if someone bought me a yacht I wouldn't say no.............but realistically that not going to happen!!!!!!

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, take your other half for example......They are your partner because you fell in love with each other, a sudden at first sight....or perhaps they were your friend for many years and then suddenly...BANG....You wake up and realise the person you've been waiting to meet all your life has been right in front of you the whole time.

Sometimes it takes maybe that certain person to mention that they are maybe thinking of going away... leaving.... for you to suddenly think NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! this can't happen and all the feelings suddenly come to light and you finally see that they are in fact THE ONE.

Love is a funny old game, and the path to finding our sole mate is no easy road let me tell you.

"You have to kiss many frogs before you find your prince."

There will be heartbreak along the way for many, you fall in love with someone, you think this is it and then next thing you know your getting "its not you its me" Then boom! you're single again. Think of it as a learning curve, dodged a bullet, you wouldn't want to be in a relationship that's all one sided anyway.....wheres the fun in that.

Single life has its perks too you know, you don't have to answer to anyone, you can do what you like, when you like and make plans without having to make sure anyone else is free. Don't think for one minute you're doomed to being single for the rest of your life so you might want to hold back on rushing out to go buy some cats. There are plenty good people out there looking for love, your sole mate could be closer than you think.

Let me tell you about another kind of love, ......children.......I'm a mum to three beautiful children who I absolutely without a shadow of doubt "Love to the moon and back" I love them unconditionally and would move heaven and earth just for them, This is a different kind of love from loving your other half. These are mini versions of yourself that you actually created through falling in love yourself.

(or maybe too many glasses of wine, that's you business)

All three of my children have totally different personalities which makes them unique in themselves, they all like different things, one is very much like me but in the male form, the others I can catch a glimpse of myself somewhere in them with the things they say and do. Even thought they are completely different to each other I love them all equally. I did have that worry many moons ago when I was pregnant with my second child, I was scared that I may not be able to love this child the same as I love my first.......lets blame the hormones!!!!!

I didn't think it was possible to love a second person as much as you love the wrong was I, I then went on to have a third ( and very much the last!!!!) and again the love was instantaneous.

Which now brings me to the love we have for out parents. I had a brilliant up bringing, my mum and dad raised me right, I was loved, looked after, and taught right from wrong. I was grounded and I was praised. I am the person I am today because of them. They have supported me in all my decisions I've ever made........well....maybe not my first tattoo at seventeen....but apart from a small handful, they have had my back. Not once did they ever try to run my life, They put in place the good foundations for me to be able to do that on my own.

My dad sadly passed away in 2017 he was my absolute rock, he was my go to if I ever had a problem. I am very much like my dad, I have the same mannerism as he had, I laugh at stupid things and my wit is as sharp as a knife.

I am like the son he never had (four daughters) I love fishing, shooting, growing veg and iv even carried on catching moles just like he taught me. I can turn my hand at any DIY and rarely need anyone's help. He made sure he taught me all the necessities I would need in life and so much more.

Love for your parents is again unconditional, its a bond that for me will never break even in death.

I love my mum and dad just as much now as I did when I depended on them as a child.

To me the love you have for your partner, children and parents are all different but they are one of the same.

So love does in fact make the world go round but how you show it is entirely up to you.

Don't look for the price tag, look for the meaning.

"Everybody has a favorite glass they like to drink from, so why not make it the one you bought them"

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