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Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Why buy a staffordshire bull terrier?

The question is more like.......why not buy one??

Staffies, staffy, Nanny dog what ever you like to call them are one of the best dogs to buy..

I know they get a lot of bad press but people need to understand that they are looking at the wrong end of the lead, any dog can be aggressive, any dog can attack, its just unfortunate that staffies have a bite force like no other.

I was lucky enough to own my own Staffy for fourteen and a half years!!!!

Del-boy was his name and he was the best dog that i have ever owned, they are amazing with children, and if trained correctly they will get on with other dogs.

They are affectionate, bold, reliable and very very loyal.

I made this glass simply because staffies hold a very special place in my heart, many people own them and take a great deal of pride in owning one. This glass will make an excellent gift idea for anyone with the love of the breed. I can even add the dogs name or a short message on the glass on the opposite side to the Staffordshire bull terrier engraving. If you,re looking for that perfect gift for any staffy lover, then this is the glass for you.

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