Feathers appear when angels are near.

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

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What is the meaning on finding a feather?

Many people including myself believe that when we come across a feather it means that a loved one is near, dropped by an angel in your path for you to find.

Now I'm not talking about finding these in places that you're more likely to come across a feather, like in your bedroom where you have a feather filled duvet or pillows, or sticking out of your feather filled jacked.

What I'm talking about is finding these feathers in very usual places and it makes you stop in you tracks and wonder how on earth it even managed to get there. I'll give you a few examples of where iv found feathers.

* I found a large white feather on the drivers seat of my jeep, my dad passed away last year (2017) and this was his jeep. I had not long been driving the jeep, and there was no sign of a feather when I was in it before this time.

* Picture a beautiful summers day, no wind, just lovely and calm. I was in one of the houses I clean (I am also a cleaner) on the kitchen floor cleaning the kick boards, at the time the owner of the house and myself were discussing our beliefs in the after life, while I was telling her what I believe I noticed a white feather coming through her slightly open kitchen window and landing on my knee. This to me was a sign.

* Another time I was out setting mole traps for an owner of a large hotel close to my home, my dad used to catch moles for them and I leaned all about catching moles from him. I had set some traps and the following morning when I went to check them, there was a large white feather sticking out of the top of the mole hill right beside my trap. The taps were set in an area of the hotel grounds where guests would not go, so I really cant explain how a feather managed to appear stuck into a mole hill.


I love to read stories on Angels...If you do to then here is a great selection.

The Big Book Of Angel Stories - by Hay House uk

A Message Of Hope From The Angels - by Coronet

Angels:How To See, Hear And Feel Your Angels - by Hay House uk

Healing With The Angels - by Hay House uk

Angel Wings:True Life Stories - by HarperTrue

Answers From Heaven:True Stories - by Piatkis

Daily Guidance From Your Angels: by Hay House uk

Proof Of Angels - by Simon and Schuster

Of Angels, Demons and Spirits - by Llyewellyn publications U.S

Soul Secrets - by CreateSpace Independent Publishing


Some people believe it, some people don't, but that's all right. we are all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs. That's what makes us all unique. Right???

I personally believe in it, I'd like to think that our loved ones never truly leave us and look in on us from time to time. I believe that the life we lead now is only a small part of what's to come and we will all be together again in the after life.

Which brings me to this glass I designed. Single white feather engraved onto either a gin glass or wine glass. I am not the only one to believe in angels so this glass has a lovely meaning behind it. This is a truly meaningful gift for someone that holds the same beliefs as myself. A name or a short message can be engraved on the back of the glass to give it a personal touch.

I hope when you browse around my shop, you will find that perfect gift for whoever you may be buying for.

" Everyone has a favorite glass they like to drink from, so why not make it the one you bought them"

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