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Updated: Jan 2, 2019

If like me you don't have a clue where to start on the whole " what goes with what scenario" Then this is a really good place to start, At least by the time you have finished reading this you will have a fair idea what wine to serve with your dinner, or if you are entertaining guests at least you look like you know what you are doing.

So to make this as simple as i possibly can I'm just using white, red, and rose wine.

White wine

Lets start with my favorite of the three, the white.

White wine should be served chilled, never at room temperature. I personally love white wine as cold as possible.

  • POULTRY White wine goes lovely with chicken but not to forget at Christmas time, its also very tasty with a nice piece of roast turkey. There are many other kinds of poultry that will go well with white wine but these are the more common of them all, I have had quail which went down lovely with a large cold glass of white wine, quail has a slight stronger taste than chicken and turkey so it was a nice contrast with the fresh light white wine.

  • SEAFOOD Prawns, king prawn lobster and crab all go down lovely with a nice glass of white whine, again at Christmas i had my starter of prawns and a nice bottle of white wine in the ice bucket beside me, flavors were amazing.

  • CHEESE I find white wine to be the perfect match when it comes to eating most cheese, a mild cheese like Brie for example would be masked by the taste of a full-bodied red. I like to taste my cheese and white wine accompanies it very well. I especially like creamy Camembert and other soft cheeses with a glass of white wine.......don't forget the grapes though, it's like an explosion to your taste buds......but in a good way...

  • COBB SALAD Now if you have never heard of a Cobb salad let me explain first what goes in to make one, then you will have a better understanding as to why a nice glass of crisp white wine is a perfect match. A Cobb salad has boiled egg, roasted chicken, blue cheese, avocado, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Doesn't really sound like a normal salad does it???

Red wine

Red wine is one wine that i cannot drink......... trust me iv tried.

My husband however has absolutely no problem drinking red wine.

  • STEAK, OTHER RED MEATS AND LAMB All these go exceptionally well with red wine, yes i know there are loads of different red wines as there are white and rose, I'm just pointing you in the general direction of what colour of wine, i will leave the actual choosing the brand of wine up to you. My husband loves Merlot red wine with his steak. Lamb is has a delicate flavor so keep that in mind when choosing your wine, lamb also comes in a sauce so your best to go for a wine with a smoother tannin.

  • CHEESE Wensleydale is a good choice for a full bodied wine with a hi tannin, this compliments the creamy tangy taste of the cheese. Gouda, Rioja and Manchego are a couple of others that go well with red.

  • SALMON Salmon is a meaty fish so goes very well with red especially if you char or grill the salmon first.

Rose wine

Last but by no means least....this brings us to the rose wine, I have ended a few many nights drinking a glass of rose wine, never managed to start off right enough drinking it, but once iv had a few glasses of other alcohol it seems to go down a treat.

  • APPETIZERS Rose wine is the kind of wine that is great to drink on a lovely sunny day while dinning outside eating a nice crisp country salad. Rose wine also goes lovely with a starter of melon, hummus, olives and anchovies.

  • MAIN DISHES There is a wide rang of food that you can serve as your main dish that rose wine can be paired with, chicken, turkey, crab, grilled fish, fried fish, eggs, salmon and if you are a barbecue then you should try some hamburgers and nicely grilled sausages.

  • DESSERTS My favorite part at the end of a lovely meal is always the choice of desserts, and good job if you are drinking rose wine because there are tonnes of lovely desserts that go great together. Chocolate cake, strawberry cheese cake, fruit pudding, berries, dark chocolate truffles and shortbread.....The worlds your oyster.

  • CHEESE If you still have room left after your desserts and fancy some cheese to go with your rose wine, well you're in luck. Aged goat Gouda, Feta, Creamy goats cheese, and Havarti all go exceptionally well with a nice glass of rose wine.

Like I said previously this is just a basic introduction to the wine and food pairing world, just to give you a head start. There are many different kinds of white, red and rose wines out there which all react differently to the foods we eat, I hope you have fun finding the perfect match for you


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