10 drinking glasses you never knew existed.

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I have put together a small collection of hand engraved glasses that you probably have never came across until now…..Each glass is hand engraved by myself using a rotary machine and diamond burrs.

Please note that any design you see here can also be engraved onto other style of glasses.

Hearts around the glass

Engraved hearts that start from the very top of the glass and wrap all the way around the body of the glass, around the stem and finishes off around the foot of the glass. Perfect gift for someone you love.

Personalised gin glass

No one would ever take your favorite glass to drink from ever again, especially when it has your name wrote all over it. Simple and personal.

Tree design

Perfect gift for anyone who is at one with nature, or maybe a tree hugger. Names can be added on the back of the glass to make it even more personal.

Horse head gin glass

You will always have that one friend who is horse daft, well this is the gift for them, with their name engraved onto the back you’re on to a winner.

Peacock wine glass

Peacocks are simply stunning birds, especially when they display their magnificent tail feathers. Unfortunately I am unable to do colours with engraving but I hope I’ve done Mr Peacock proud.

Interlocking love hearts

Interlocking love hearts wrap around the full body of the glass, a simple yet effective design.

Butterfly glass

Two butterflies engraved on to a wine glass, one large and one small, perfect gift for any lady in your life.

Sister glass / Best friend glass

This glass has to be one of my favorites, two women on a swing, this can easily be for your sister or best friend or even your mum, it’s such a versatile glass that can hold different meanings to whoever buys it.

Ivy gin glass

This glass has to be one of my best sellers and you can see why. Ivy design wraps all around the foot of the glass, around the stem and then around the name of the person that the glass is for. This glass is done freehand so every glass is different and unique in its self.

Feather gin glass

This feather gin glass is my number one favorite out of all my glasses, a single feather represents when a loved one is near, a feather dropped by an angel. This is a meaningful gift for any special person in your life.

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